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WS2 Printer Utility

SATO's WS2 printer is the healthcare industry's first disinfectant-ready label printer with antimicrobial casing that prints both patient ID wristbands and inpatient labels at faster speed than equivalent models. Furthermore, it offers multiple emulation support (SZPL, SEPL and SDPL) to enable seamless transition from other industry models.

Designed to further enhance its efficiency, SATO's WS2 printer utility provides users access to local or network connected SATO WS2 printers to perform printer configuration or settings.

This one-stop utility enables users to manage their WS2 printers from anywhere, at anytime, offering convenience and peace of mind.

SATO's WS2 Printer Utility allows users to:
  • Configure printer settings such as interface parameters and general settings such as label and control settings
  • Update printer's firmware
  • Download printing command for diagnostic purposes
  • Perform printer reboot, reset, test print, change of emulation mode, calibration of media and ribbon
  • Search for active printer devices and access web control interface to manage active printers
  • Export and import printer settings, all parameters, port settings and firmware information to XML files


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