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SATO SmaPri for Android

Label Printing from Android Smartphones and Tablets

The SATO SmaPri for Android solution is designed for easy label printing capability integration to Android Native App and Web base App.

SmaPri Driver will receive label print request from Android Native App and Web base App through WebAPI (HTTP). This is simple as accessing website from applications. And as long as programming language supports WebAPI, label printing function can be integrated simply using SmaPri Driver.

SmaPri Driver will monitor Printer Status

SmaPri Driver will monitor status of SATO printer connected to Android device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. SmaPri Driver will stop sending printing data to SATO printer in case printer is offline status or error status. And of course SmaPri Driver will resume sending data once printer is ready for printing.

SmaPri Driver for Android [DEMO version]
Watermark will appear on every label by using this DEMO version.

SmaPri Driver Demonstration Site
Simple demonstration sample Web base applications written with HTML5, JavaScript and HTML.

Click here to read more about SmaPri Driver for Android installation.

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