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SATO Application-Enabled Printing (SATO AEP)

SATO AEP - Intelligence Inside the Printer

AEP Platform allows SATO printers to be used as standalone printing solution, eliminating the need for costly computers. To print labels and tags, users can simply connect printer with peripheral devices such as USB keyboard, barcode scanner, etc or press printer keys to query database.

It also provides users the flexibility to easily integrate SATO printers with other devices such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for factory automation without the need for any time-consuming customisation of device or special printer firmware.

SATO AEP provides users many benefits for their businesses including:

- Reduce costs and lesser space required

  Printer operates without a PC thus less space is required, up-front investment and running costs are also reduced

- Simple & improve productivity
  Improve productivity with simple to use applications and less operator training

- Focus on Printing
  Controlled AEP applications can limit unauthorized use keeping the printer operating with less interruption

- Flexibility in connecting with other devices
  By easily connecting with other devices such as PLC for label printing, user saves time from having to customise device which can be time-consuming

Applicable Printers
CLNX Series   PW208NX
  • Anti-microbial casing
  • Ideal for Food Manufacturing & Healthcare
  • 4" & 6" print widths
  • DPI: 203, 305 & 609 (CL4NX only)
  • Highly productive, durable & compact 2-inch mobile printer
  • Suitable for retail markdown, door-to-door delivery, etc.

  • Software Applications

    AEP Downloader     AEP Utility    AEP Works
    Download your label design as an AEP package into SATO AEP-enabled smart printers using AEP Downloader.

    AEP Downloader Setup File
    AEP Downloader Quick Guide

      Update database table and bitmap graphic data in your label design AEP package using AEP Utility.

    You can also deploy the updated AEP package to SATO AEP-enabled smart printers or save as an AEP package file.

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      AEP Works offers an easy graphical user interface for label design, database table management, function development and managing fonts and graphics.

    This application is available for SATO certified partners. 

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