SATO provides a comprehensive range of software solutions to meet customer requirements across a variety of markets and applications. SATO’s solutions support the needs of developers, IT administrator and end users, from deploying and supporting SATO hardware, to developing application software and enabling integration with ERP/WMS and other IT systems.

Windows Printer Drivers
The SATO Windows Printer Drivers support all the current printer models. These printer drivers are to be used with labeling software and other Windows based programs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

NiceLabel is a label design software compatible with all SATO printers which allows you to easily create purpose-built printing solutions that eliminate human error and increase productivity. 

All-in-One Tool 
SATO All-In-One Tool is a software application that enables centralized remote printer management. Users can remotely configure and manage printer's operations.

This next generation of printing allows our printers (currently available on CL4NX, CL6NX and TH2 printers) to be used as a standalone printing solution eliminating the need for costly computers. SATO AEP resides inside these printers and can be customized to optimize business processes and provide additional data input with common peripherals such as a USB keyboard or bar code scanner.  Additionally, users can also print labels and tags by querying database.

SATO enables label printing with SAP® Solutions and empowers customers to optimize business operations and achieve more. Interfacing with SAP systems to produce barcode and RFID output is a requirement for users that rely on label printing for critical business activities. SATO Solutions in support of SAP® solutions, offer customers a direct connectivity option that enables label printing without the need for additional software or middleware.

Microsoft BizTalk RFID 
The SATO RFID Device Service Provider software which works with the Microsoft® BizTalk® Server provides a uniform way for instantiating, communicating and managing the SATO GL4, CL4e and CL4NX RFID printers.

XML Printing 
SATO XML-enabled printers can parse XML output into barcode output format and print directly from ERP systems such as ORACLE's WMS/MSCA, SAP and other enterprise systems.

SmaPri for Android & iOS is label printing solution for Android OS and iOS platform. Simple and easy WebAPI method of SmaPri Driver will help software developer easy to integrate label printing capability to web base and native application.

SATO CUPS Driver for Linux and Mac OS X 
This driver is based on CUPS printing system for Linux and Mac OS X. All the device communications are handled by CUPS (backend). The raster filter converts the CUPS raster graphic into SBPL (SATO Barcode Programming Language) which the SATO printer can understand. For an instance, if the user prints a label, the raster filter converts the graphic into SBPL command which will be send to the printer together with the printer options.

SATO Printer API 

The SATO Printer API was developed to simplify the communication between .NET applications and SATO printers. Software developers can use this API to send printer commands to printer as well as to receive response from printer if there is any.

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