SATO's Business Model - Data Collection Systems (DCS) & Labeling

Realizing Precision, Labor Savings and Resource Savings through DCS & Labeling

SATO employs its unique business model of DCS & Labeling to collect information on the movement of people and goods. By offering customers products and solutions that allow them to link people and goods with information SATO enables them to realize precision, labor savings and resource savings.

What is DCS & Labeling?

Data Collection Systems and Labeling is SATO's unique business model that leverages the use of auto-ID technology such as barcodes, two dimensional codes and RFID to collect and manage information(data) on people and goods.

DCS & Labeling continues to expand across many industries

SATO's DCS & Labeling is employed across various industries and workplaces: from manufacturing plants and distribution centers, to retailers, hospitals, public schools, and business offices. Responding to the varying needs and challenges facing each customer, SATO provides total solutions that ensure peace of mind.