Integrating the virtual and the physical

The Last Inch to IoT

SATO's Business Model - Data Collection Systems (DCS) & Labeling

We are responsible for the “Last 1cm TM” for collecting trustworthy small data.

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being created in which anyone can be connected at all times and places via networks, including the utilization of big data, through innovations in IT. To ensure that these function accurately, it is essential to collect trustworthy small data by tagging items with various attributes with IDs and other information at the sites of customers that differ greatly. We refer to this as the “Last 1 cm*,” in which the virtual (IT) and real (people and things) realms are connected via data. We bear responsibility in this area, utilizing the ample, practical expertise—backed by onsite capabilities—and partnerships we have cultivated in the past.

* The phrase “last mile” was originally used in the telecommunications industry to indicate the last process in connecting homes to the Internet. Today, it refers to the 􀏐inal distance that is the most complex, complicated area yet is essential for providing services. The SATO Group coined the phrase “Last 1 cm” based on our desire to use auto-identi􀏐ication solutions for connections that are more detailed than the “last mile” between people, things, and information at customer sites.

What is DCS & Labeling?

Data Collection Systems and Labeling is SATO's unique business model that leverages the use of auto-ID technology such as barcodes, two dimensional codes and RFID to collect and manage information(data) on people and goods.

We offer various solutions that connect the “Last 1 cm”