SATO Group

On October 3rd, 2011, SATO Corporation underwent corporate separation and changed to the structure of a pure holding company in order to both strengthen Japanese business and expand overseas business.

(1) Increase group-wide profitability and grow our business
In order to achieve growth and continue to generate profit, we must revitalize our entire organization, both in Japan and overseas, and effectively meet the needs of the global market.

(2) Drive innovation and train the next generation of management personnel
Through reorganizing the group into an aggregate of smaller businesses, we can strengthen an open and innovative corporate culture. Also, by allowing capable employees take charge of certain parts our business, we will educate and train the next generation of management at SATO.

(3) Active investment in new and growing businesses
To further raise our corporate value, we must be able to carry out swift and intense investment of the group's management resources into new and potentially profitable business fields.