Integrating the virtual and the physical

The Last Inch to IoT

President's Message

Leveraging the power of data to fill in the “last inch,” connecting the virtual and physical, and aiming to become the leader in the Auto-ID solutions industry

Since our founding in 1940, SATO’s main focus has been on realizing precision, labor savings and resource savings for our customers. Over the years, we invented and brought to market numerous innovative products, starting with the hand labeler during Japan’s economic boom in the 1960s, and the world’s first thermal transfer barcode printer with the proliferation of POS systems in the 1980s, constantly adding value and helping businesses to affix data to objects, synchronizing the flow of information and goods in the face of changing times.

In recent years, the idea of connecting nearly everything to the Internet is turning into reality with the rapid development of information technologies and the emergence of IoT. In the near future, we are likely to find ourselves living in an age where we can access and benefit from information networks anytime, anywhere. However, for this to happen and function seamlessly, objects must be tagged with identifiers and linked to IT systems, a tedious and challenging process given the diverse range of objects handled by different businesses. SATO believes we can play a significant role here, leveraging the power of data to fill in the “last inch,” connecting the virtual and physical, utilizing technical know-how backed by an uncompromising hands-on passion for problem-solving or what we refer to as Genbaryoku.

While Auto-ID solutions will remain the core of our business, it will not limit the scope of what we do. In the spirit of Ceaseless Creativity, SATO will also seek to tackle global issues such as environmental protection and food safety as we pursue the realization of a sustainable world for all to enjoy a better quality of life and greater peace of mind.

Currently, our overseas business generates 30% of group consolidated sales, and we envision raising this ratio to 50% by 2020, subsequently to 70% over the long-term. SATO will continue to make the utmost effort in driving our businesses forward to become a truly global company that customers trust and keep returning to.
President and CEO
Kazuo Matsuyama