President's Message

In the spirit of Ceaseless Creativity, SATO Group seeks to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world for all

Since its foundation in 1940, SATO’s main business has been to enable its customers to realize precision, labor savings and resource savings in their places of work. In the course of doing so, SATO developed world-first innovations that brought many benefits to society. Innovations such as the invention of the hand labeler in Japan’s economic boom years, and later the thermal transfer barcode printer in the 1980s as the use of POS systems rapidly became popular. These are just two examples of “Ceaseless Creativity” – SATO’s company motto and spirit that has since become a part of the company’s “DNA”. This creative spirit is the lifeblood of the company, and it will continue to be passed on to each generation of employees.

SATO built on its experience with barcodes, expanding to become a highly-successful business offering auto-identification technology solutions to a range of industries, and it is now regarded to as one of the world’s leading enterprises in this field.

Time passes, and barcodes, which 30 years ago were seen as revolutionary, have simply become one part of the infrastructure of our day-to-day lives. In recent years, we are increasingly seeing the real-world application of next-generation ideas and technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID (IC tags), driven by technological innovation, the digitization of information, and economic globalization. At the same time, people around the world are increasingly concerned about the issues of environmental conservation, food safety, and widening economic disparity.

At SATO Group, we are tackling these issues head on. While auto-ID solutions will remain the core of our business, it will not limit the scope of what we do. Instead, in the spirit of “Ceaseless Creativity”, we will pursue the realization of a sustainable world in which all can live rich and fulfilling lives. For example, we are taking the CO2-reducing technology we first developed for our ECONANO® labels in 2011 and applying this technology to other fields. This is just the first step towards making the SATO Group the company we aspire to be.

We will also continue to raise the ratio of our overseas sales from the recently achieved 30%, to 40 – 50 % in the medium term, and then to 70% in the long term. To realize this objective, SATO will push forward with the utmost effort to become a truly global business, and one that is trusted and will continue to be chosen by customers from across the globe.

As always, we thank you for your support for our efforts.

President and CEO
Kazuo Matsuyama