Management Philosophy - Ceaseless Creativity

Akunaki sozo - Ceaseless Creativity

In 1969, our late founder, Yo Sato settled on the phrase "Ceaseless Creativity" as our corporate motto. From the Yo Sato's idea that, "The mission of both individuals and corporations is to provide a useful service to the world by improving themselves," SATO adopted a corporate motto in which all employees are conscious of the importance of both cooperation and creativity, as they work together to achieve the company goal.

SATO Values

Our mission is to create new value for our customers through products and services of superior quality, and to contribute towards a better and more sustainable world.

We aim to be the leader and most trusted company in the Auto-ID solutions industry worldwide, exceeding customer expectations in an ever-changing world.


  • We inspire changes, new ideas, and the courage of promoting customer-centric innovation in the spirit of Ceaseless Creativity.
  • We seek to be true professionals by constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We see things as they are, and do the right thing right away.
  • We show respect for all individuals, extend trust to each other, and work together as one cohesive team.
  • We enable a vibrant and open-minded workplace, eliminating the formalities that cause “Big Company Disease”.
  • We share the returns from our business with our four stakeholders: shareholders, employees, society and the company.