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Corporate Profile

Location Knowledge Plaza, 1-7-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan
Established 1940
Incorporated May 16, 1951
Representative Kazuo Matsuyama, President and CEO
Ryutaro Kotaki, Executive Vice President and COO
Paid-in capital ¥ 8,468 million (March 31, 2017)
Employees Consolidated 5,012 (March 31,2017)
Sales (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2017)
Consolidated ¥ 106,302 million
Business Group management strategy development and business administration (Pure holding company)
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SATO Holdings Management Team

President and CEO
Kazuo Matsuyama


Executive Vice President and COO
President - SATO Corporation
Ryutaro Kotaki

Koichi Nishida Director
Ikuo Dobashi Director
Tatsuo Narumi Director
Ken Suzuki Director (External) Chairman - Vital Ksk Holdings,Inc.
Chairman - Vital-Net,Inc.
Yuko Tanaka Director (External) President - Hosei University
Professor - Department of Media and Communication Studies Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University
Professor - International Japan - Studies Institute (Graduate School), Hosei University
Ryoji Itoh Director (External) Project Professor - Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
Representative Director - Planet Plan. Co., Ltd.
Mitsuaki Shimaguchi Director (External) Professor Emeritus - Keio University
President - Japan Marketing Association
Hideo Yamada Director (External) President - Partner of Yamada & Ozaki Law Office
Chairman - Akiko Tachibana Memorial Foundation
Chieko Matsuda Director (External) Professor - Graduate School of Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Professor - Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Nobuhiro Yokoi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Junichi Nagakura
Audit & Supervisory Board Member  
Takao Yamaguchi Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External) Certified Public Accountant in Japan - Yamaguchi C.P.A. Office
Noriko Yao Audit & Supervisory Board Member (External) Partner - TMI Associates

Keisuke Yamada Vice President
Chief Alliance Officer (CAO)
Chairman and President  - Argox
Managing Director - SATO Auto-ID India Pvt. Ltd.
Akihiro Kushida Vice President President - SATO Printing Co., Ltd.
Kenji Ushiki
Senior Executive Officer President - SATO Technology Co., Ltd.
Daphne Tay Senior Executive Officer
Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
Managing Director - SATO Global Business Services Pte Ltd
Yoshinori Sasahara  Senior Executive Officer  Vice President - SATO Corporation 
Nobuo Watanabe Executive Officer President - SATO Impress Co.,Ltd.
Chinami Kotaki Executive Officer Vice President - SATO Printing Co., Ltd.
Tomoyuki Kumabayashi Executive Officer Head of Apparel ID business
Kozo Senda Executive Officer President - SATO Primary Label International Co., Ltd.
Maria Olcese Executive Officer Head of South America
General Manager - ACHERNAR S.A.
Hiroyuki Konuma Executive Officer
Chief Wellness Officer (CWO)
President - SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Head of PJM business
Yasuhiro Tanabe Executive Officer President - SATO International Co., Ltd.
Yoichi Abe Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Hironori Onishi  Executive Officer Director of Tokyo business - SATO Corporation
Shigeki Egami  Executive Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Head of Kitakami Operations
Noriyasu Yamada Executive Officer
Chief Product Planning Officer (CPO)
Goro Yumiba Executive Officer  Head of North America
Chairman and President - SATO America, LLC.
Chairman and President - SATO Global Solutions, Inc. 
Atsushi Suzuki Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO)

(As of October 10th 2017)