PICK-MAN Quick Start Guide


1. Click on the game screen and press Return / Enter key

2. Select a game option:
a. Practice Mode: A non-competitive mode guided to familiarize yourself with the gaming environment. The SATO Visual Warehouse technology will guide you through the optimal picking path inside the warehouse to pick the boxes in the most efficient and suggested way.

b. Arcade Mode: A competitive mode where you help PICK-MAN compete with a virtual picker, VWH, using SATO Visual Warehouse technology. The aim of this mode is not only to pick all the boxes but to achieve this covering shortest distances in shortest time which results in PICK-MAN’s productivity index ranging from 0 to 100. 

There are 3 levels with increasing difficulty:
To clear Level 1, PICK-MAN’s productivity must be 70 or more.
To clear Level 2, productivity must be 80 or more.
To clear Level 3 and win this game, productivity must be 90 or more.
At all levels, if the required productivity is achieved by PICK-MAN, the game continues to the next level of difficulty. If the productivity threshold is not met, the “Game Over” message is displayed and the player will be redirected to the Leaderboard. Here, the player can add their name and be ranked with all the other players worldwide.

b. Leaderboard: A scoreboard that lists top PICK-MAN performance by the players using JDA Labour Management Dashboard.

3. Use the directional arrow keys to move PICK-MAN around.

4. Use the spacebar to pick a box.

5. Once all boxes are picked, return to the START/FINISH to complete the level.

6. Once prompted, add your name in the Leaderboard by scrolling the alphabet letters with the directional arrows.


The Leaderboard replicates in a simplified view the JDA Labour Management dashboard, listing the top players based on their productivity, total time taken (direct and indirect), and distance covered (in meters) inside the warehouse to pick all the boxes. A higher total productivity and a lower total time and distance covered will make you a top performer in the Leaderboard.

Direct Time: Total time when PICK-MAN is moving while picking the boxes.

Indirect Time: Total time when PICK-MAN is not in motion while picking the boxes.

Optimal Path: The best possible path option provided by SATO Visual Warehouse. This is shown in the upper right corner once the player completes the level.