How quick can you pick?

Demonstrate your picking skills trying to pick all the boxes in the shortest time possible and beat the boss picker who uses SATO Visual Warehouse (VWH) technology. Use the directional arrow keys to move PICK-MAN around and the spacebar to pick the boxes. Once you’ve picked all of them, you must return to the START/FINISH to complete the level.

To start the game click on the screen below, then press “ENTER/RETURN” on your keyboard.

How can we make PICK-MAN's life easier?

SATO and JDA seek to improve warehouse productivity by enabling actionable improvements based on sets of real, specific operational data.

SATO's Visual Warehouse technology uses its unique algorithm to optimise the shortest possible picking route and track worker's real-time location. By logging individual worker's location over time, the combination of SATO and JDA will enable collection of real operational data. Accumulating this real-time data in the warehouse linking it to JDA Warehouse Labour Management makes true visualisation of labour possible and empowers users to make data-driven decisions to streamline their operations, providing a 30 to 40 percent boost to operational productivity in the warehouse upon deployment.

Are you interested to know how to empower your workforce and maximise their productivity?