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Suitable Product :
Label Gallery - Plus
Label Gallery - TruePro

You are searching for more than a standard desktop solution. Labels should be printed without a Windows PC involved. You need standalone printing.

In addition to its many integration options, Label Gallery can also be used as a label design tool for standalone printing requirements and do not require a computer to be present at print time.

Prior to printing, label templates are designed, saved on a PC and transmitted to the standalone device. Once this preparation is complete, the label printing process runs without additional computer interaction.
Connected Features and Benefits:

1. Smart keyboard support
2. Download of label layouts to internal printer memory

Label Gallery TruePro Version
Available in a single user version as well as in Network version (of 5, 10, 20, 50 users); Label Gallery TruePro consists of Label Gallery Plus and supplemented by four powerful modules:
Is a form design tool for designing custom user interfaces and turnkey labelling solutions.
Automates data extraction and processing for label generation, by watching for changes in data that is stored in folders, emails, structured text file, unstructured reports, or other constantly-updated information sources.
Is a standalone tool for creating, editing, importing and maintaining databases.
Allows user to speed up printing by downloading frequently-used fonts and graphics to the printers' memory for instant recall when printing.
GalleryPrint is a new feature that acts as a mini GalleryForm. It is already defined and can be used from the Start menu on your computer. A print preview panel shows the operator the label. Just select the label and enter the data. When the data is entered and the printer selected, the label prints with a click on the button. GalleryPrint simplifies the label printing process to the maximum.
Manage or control printer process by overseeing all printer status, monitor print jobs and move print job between printers of same or different models.

Label Gallery Home - Resources - Applications - STAND-ALONE PRINTING