Stimulating Synergy Effects through M&A

As we expand our overseas business, we will actively pursue M&A and partnerships with overseas companies. We plan to bring together the various management resources of the Group to accelerate market development in emerging countries, establish our competitive advantage, and strengthen and expand our overseas businesses.

Argox Information Co., Ltd.

Argox, a leading maker of compact printers with a strong global presence, particularly in emerging countries, was made a group company in January 2012. In rapidly developing global markets, joining forces with Argox enabled us to make full use of each company’s sales channels and to strengthen our product lineup by combining SATO’s specialty in high-end printers with Argox’s highly price-competitive products. In addition to the operational benefits, teaming up offers benefits for product development as it enables us to concentrate management resources into each company’s area of specialization and sets up potential manufacturing and purchasing synergies, such as access to outstanding suppliers in Taiwan.

Achernar S.A.

In March 2012, we made Achernar S.A., of Argentina, a group company with the aim of fortifying the Group’s supply systems and sales capabilities for sticker and label products in the rapidly growing South America market. Achernar specializes in commercial labels requiring high-value-added design, printing processes, and other features using its highly sophisticated printing facilities to provide labels to the postal service, gas utilities, and other public-sector services in addition to well-known major companies in the cosmetics, food, and other industries around the world. The label market is likely to continue expanding in line with economic growth, and we will apply Achernar’s expertise to strengthen our labeling business on a global scale.

Nexgen Packaging, LLC

In May 2013, SATO acquired a minor stake and established a business partnership with Nexgen Packaging, LLC, a global provider of brand identification and packaging products for the apparel industry. Nexgen Packaging provides products for private labels for both apparel manufacturers and retailers. The company also utilizes innovative IT to increase operating efficiency and enhance customer service. Outsourcing of product pricing and other general administrative operations is becoming increasingly common in apparel industries overseas. We also expect the market to grow for “apparel ID,” the use of IC tags to simplify item management. Joining forces with Nexgen Packaging will enable us to accelerate development of the RFID business.

Okil-Holding, JSC

OKIL is the leader in self-adhesive label production with approximately 20% share of Russia's self-adhesive label market and was made a group company of SATO in December 2014. OKIL found itself in a strong leading position sustainably following the principles of orientation to customer, technological perfection and stability. Currently primary machinery encounters over two dozens units representing most recent technological achivements from all over the world.
OKIL constantly expands and improves its product variety. Multilayer labels, leaflet labels, labels with protective inks and personalisation, labels with combination of printing technologies are just a part of recently started products.

Prakolar Rótulos Autoadesivos S/A

Prakolar has became part of SATO Group in November 2015.
Prakolar constantly works to enhance processes, equipment and materials and is recognized as one of the leaders in the pressure sensitive primary label market. Located in São Paulo at an industrial complex of over 5,000 m2, Prakolar is equipped with a series of latest generation machines to supply any order, from small to large print runs. These features make Prakolar one of the top suppliers for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, beverage, and other industries.

DataLase Ltd

DataLase has became part of SATO Group in January 2017.
Their inline digital printing (IDP) solution is the only one of its kind and enables high-speed, fast turnaround printing which is ideal for packaging and product customization and personalization. IDP technology allows printing of variable information to enable real-time marketing to maximize brand owner and consumer value. The system is inkless at the point of printing, thus removing the need for consumables in the production environment at the point of fulfilment.