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Medium-term Management Plan

Introducing a new corporate vision and five-year medium-term management plan
(FY 2017-21)

- SATO Group, evolving our business with the ever-changing times -

Revising Our Vision in SATO Values

Starting this fiscal year, SATO Group will be adopting a new corporate vision. The revised vision not only reflects our resolve to challenge a new business domain based on what we have termed the “Materials Revolution” to achieve synergy with our core business of Auto-ID solutions, it also articulates our aspiration to become the world’s most trusted company by constantly evolving our businesses in keeping with the changing times.

  • Full text of SATO Values including the revised "Vision" is here.
Enacting a new medium-term management plan

We have enacted a new medium-term management plan to adapt to changes in the external environment and the scope of our business domains in line with our 100% acquisition of DataLase. The plan’s objectives to establish sustainable growth and profit remain unchanged.

Aims of the new plan

The world we live in is changing rapidly. Instead of complying passively, the new medium-term management plan targets to respond proactively to the following changes in our business environment.

Change 1:
IT innovations are driving digital transformations at accelerating speeds that outpace how fast businesses can improve their productivity, revealing pronounced needs for alleviating manpower shortages and changing the way people work.

Change 2:
Consumers are becoming direct users of Auto-ID technologies such as two-dimensional codes and RFID tags with the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices. At the same time, consumer preferences are diversifying and their buying behaviors changing so that traditional mass marketing will no longer be viable.

In response, this is how SATO will seek to change.

Change 1:
We will integrate “Materials Revolution” into our Auto-ID core business to deliver synergy and generate innovations that will exponentially improve the business productivity of our customers.

Change 2:
In order to stay ahead of customer needs, we will turn our eyes to the needs of their customers (the consumer), creating new customer value by evolving from the current B2B to a new B2B2C business model.

Two strategic pillars and five strategies

Celebrating its 77th anniversary of founding this year, SATO has constantly turned surrounding changes into opportunities to develop its businesses. It is based on this same corporate DNA of rejoicing in change that we have introduced the aforementioned changes to our vision and medium-term management plan. Going forward, the SATO Group will work together as one toward realizing these new management objectives under our new guiding vision.