Management Policies - DCS & Labeling


Akunaki sozo - Ceaseless Creativity

In 1969, our late founder, Yo Sato, settled on the phrase "Ceaseless Creativity" as our corporate motto. Believing that the mission of enterprises, like that of individuals, is to improve themselves so that they provide a useful service to the world, we have adopted a policy of creatively working together as we dedicate ourselves to the Company's business.

SATO Corporate Principles (7 Beliefs)  

SATO's Management Principles were established by Yo Sato in 1978. With these principles, SATO has been able set out and pass on a management philosophy that describes the actions and attitudes we believe are necessary to achieve our social mission and contribute to the advancement of society. In 2010 our Management Principles were revised to be clearer and more succinct. They were summarized into seven items and were renamed as SATO's Corporate Principles.

DCS & Labeling

SATO operates a unique business model based on Data Collection Systems (DCS) & Labeling. This model enables the company to propose the best possible solution for collecting information on a broad array of items, including raw materials, products and commodities. These solutions incorporate auto-identification technologies, such as barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and radio frequency identification (RFID), into appropriate printers, scanners, peripheral equipment and software. SATO provides a total solution service ranging from supply products such as labels, ribbons and cards to maintenance support after introduction.

We offer:
  1. traceability solutions for food safety
  2. medical accident prevention systems
  3. the printing and application of labels and delivery inspection systems designed to help enhance precision and labor saving in manufacturing process control
  4. mark-down (discount control) systems to maximize all selling opportunities

SATO is proud of its ability to benefit society and the environment through solutions that enhance precision, save labor, and conserve resources.