Support for Education and Art

Junior High School Workplace Experience (Japan)

Since 2006, in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, SATO has been offering opportunities to gain workplace experience to junior high school second grade students.

Company Tour for Children (Japan)

During summer holidays, children of members of staff working in the Ebisu area of Tokyo are invited to come for a guided tour of the company. They have the chance to get their hands on SATO products, follow a primary label "treasure hunt" as they find their way around the buildings, and get to see where their mothers and fathers work.

Contribution to Regional Communities (Vietnam Factory)

SATO VIETNAM CO., LTD. (Vietnam) participates in a regional Social Responsibility Committee within the Thang Long Industrial Estate (Hanoi) that houses our Vietnamese factory. This is not only a forum for discussing local issues but is also active in donating products and funding scholarships.

Supporting The Japan Juvenile Writers Association (Japan)

To inspire the children on whom the future of Japan depends with dreams, and to educate their aesthetic sensibilities so as to develop human resources and ensure a sustainable society, we provide general support for the activities of the Japan Juvenile Writers Association.

Supporting the Akiko Tachibana Memorial Foundation and Asami Maki Ballet (Japan)

Among our efforts in promoting the arts and culture, we contribute to the Akiko Tachibana Memorial Foundation and Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo, which are highly active in promoting true ballet artistry in Japanese culture.