Contributing to Local Society (Japan)

Cleaning Activities after Firework Displays

Every August, Kitakami City and Nagaoka City hold firework displays and the next morning SATO employees volunteer to clear up the area around the site. With family members joining in, this has become an enjoyable summer holiday event.

In Kitakami City, at first cleaning was done only by the Action Committee members, but others were encouraged by SATO's participation and now nearly 500 people cooperate in cleaning activities.

Volunteer Activities at the Japan National Interscholastic Athletic Meet

Members of SATO volunteered at the Japan interscholastic athletic meet helping to prepare the grounds before the event and participating in cleanup activities afterwards. Close to a hundred employees took part in these activities, working from the early morning.

Donation of Road Safety Labels to Local School Children

SATO's Kitakami Factory donated "Road Safety Labels" for school bags to local children who had recently entered elementary school. Aimed at ensuring the road safety of children on their way to and from school, the labels use a reflective material. This is one example of contributing to society through our main business, the kind of idea SATO always seeks to receive from its staff members.

Blood Donor Citation at KITAKAMI FACTORY (Japan)

Scores of Kitakami Factory staff have been donating blood each time a blood donation vehicle visits the factory two or three times a year. On this occasion their donations were recognized by a citation expressing the thanks on behalf of the local Blood Donation Promotion Group of Kitakami City.

Neighborhood Cleaning Activities

SATO Corporation (HQ in Meguro Tokyo) cleans the roads around their offices once a week, and the Nagoya Metropolitan Branch do so once a month. Business Plaza (in Saitama Prefecture) cleans up nearby parks during the cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons.

Tour of Kitakami Factory for High School Students

Kitakami Factory invited 34 local high school students on a factory tour. It was organized to allow students who wish to work there after graduation to deepen their understanding of and interest in the work.

Regional Contribution Activities by Our Three Branches in Singapore

Participation in the International Coastal Cleanup
Three of our Singapore-based staff members have participated in the International Coastal Cleanup, together with their families. This activity was launched in 1986 to tackle the issue of marine debris collectively at a global level. The coastal cleanup is undertaken simultaneously around the world. In addition to debris, data for use in creating a debris-free society is collected during the cleanup.

SATO Malaysia Electronics Manufacturing EContributions to Local Society

Donation to Orphanage

In June 2011, the Malaysia Factory donated a washing machine and a PC to an orphanage.

Blood Donation

In June 2011, the Malaysia Factory invited the national blood donation agency and 106 factory staff members volunteered to donate blood.