International Contribution

Collecting PET Bottle Caps

We began collecting the caps of polyethylene bottles, widely used in daily life and then often thoughtlessly thrown away, at the suggestion of a member of staff. Instead of throwing them away, we collect them as a resource. The collected caps are sold to the recycling agency that processes them into a reusable resource, and the funds generated are donated to JCV (the Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World's Children) for the purchase of vaccines. The value of caps collected is already the equivalent of enough polio vaccines for 30 children (as of 31 March 2009).
Collecting Used Stamps and Prepaid Cards

Collecting Used Stamps and Prepaid Cards

These activities began in 1998 at the suggestion of a member of staff. The stamps and prepaid cards collected are sent to the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) to be used by this foundation in its efforts to promote the "White Ribbon Campaign," which aims to preserve the lives and health of mothers and children in developing countries.

Support for the Gold Ribbon Network

In FY2010, SATO became a supporting member of the Gold Ribbon Network and has since been supporting activities to overcome issues associated with childhood cancer. We donate part of the proceeds from the sales of our wrist bands for inpatients to this organization. The Gold Ribbon is a universal symbol representing our desire to raise people's awareness of childhood cancer and expand support for children suffering from cancer.