What We Can Do

The Challenge 25 Campaign

SATO is participating in the Challenge 25 Campaign.

Our Activities for the "Mottainai" Campaign

"MOTTAINAI* ECampaign ~ Let's Stop Wastage

 We launched the MOTTAINAI Campaign in FY2008 to utilize expenses efficiently and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide discharged by electricity and gasoline. In FY2009, we reduced total annual expenses by 14.7% compared with FY2008.

Some MOTTAINAI Policies

  • Reuse Stationery
  • Ban paper cups to ensure the reuse of cups provided by staff members themselves
  • Reduction of the number of fluorescent lamps used
  • Introduction of a rule requiring vehicle idling to cease

* Mottainai is a Japanese word meaning, "a sense of regret concerning waste when the essential value of an object or resource is not properly utilized".

Casual Wear

"Do something different from the rest and when you do the same, do it before the rest," says our in-house educational hand book "The Spirit of SATO". This idea manifests itself at SATO in our adoption of a casual dress code. Since July 1998, everyone apart from sales staff and customer engineers has been encouraged to dress casually.

The aim in encouraging staff to choose clothing that makes their work easier was both to improve working efficiency and also develop a flexible attitude to change in a free, unfettered and open atmosphere. This was long before the words "Cool Biz" and "Warm Biz" clothing were coined. We also set office temperature to 28? in Summer and 20? in winter.

Participation in the "Lights Down" Campaign

As part of our efforts to reduce CO² emissions all of our business locations have turned off their neon signboards.

All Japanese offices and business locations also participated in "Lights Down" campaigns during the summer solstice and Tanabata festival.

Iwate Prefecture Award for Global Environmentally Friendly Businesses

 In July 2009, the Kitakami factory was awarded four stars under Iwate prefecture's program of recognizing environmentally friendly business. 


To encourage environmental awareness in our staff, we distributed an "ecobag" to each employee. We now have a lot of staff who refuse plastic bags and disposable chopsticks when offered. We also ask employees to bring their own mug or cup to work, instead of using disposable paper cups.