Recycling Resources

Liner Recycle Support System

SATO proposes the systematic recycling of release liners after use. Customers who are registered with this system can send back their used liners, which are taken to the recycle factory and turned into paperboard.

Ribbon Recycle Support System

SATO operates a system that provides for appropriate processing and recycling of used carbon ribbons in accordance with Japan's recycling law. Customer agreements are entered that cover trade-in allowances and clearly specify the processing and recycling to be performed.

The used carbon ribbons either become fuel (thermal recycling) or a resource for raw materials used in cement (material recycling).

Recycling Rechargeable Batteries

SATO Corporation belongs to the Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center (JBRC), a limited liability intermediate corporation, and we are recycling the small rechargeable batteries used in our portable printers.

Participation in the International Network for Recycling Resources

In December 2009, the International Network for Recycling Resources, an incorporated certifying body in which SATO participates as a full member, began providing traceability certification services. These services enable waste plastics and other renewable resources generated in SATO Japan and exported to China to be traced to confirm whether or not they are recycled properly. SATO contributes to the service by providing its know-how on barcodes and IC tags attached to exported materials.