Work-Life Balance

Themes Addressed by the Work Life Balance (WLB) Committee
  1. Promoting positive action
  2. Mental health
  3. Promoting the completion of work within normal working hours
  4. Nursing care
  5. Supporting a healthy working life up to the retirement age of 65
  6. Reducing staff turnover

Support for Balancing Work and Home Life

We provide a work environment in which all staff members who wish to further careers at SATO can be confident of being able to do so, even if they are expecting babies or caring for their children, or providing nursing care.

Sick Child Care Support System

In FY2009 we introduced the Sick Child Care Support System. Under this system, the company pays the actual cost of using the sick child care services within a specified limit. The system also provides support for the staff members who utilize the sick child care services provided by the NPO, Florence. The company pays the enrollment fees, monthly membership fees, and usage fees for staff members who utilize Florence's services.

Staff Counseling Services

We established an in-house staff counseling center with its own specialists. In FY2010, we introduced the "Self Care" system. This is aimed at providing staff with the correct information about stress so that they are able to deal well with stress and be comfortable both at work and at home.

In-company Lectures

We invite specialists from outside the company to provide lectures. We encourage all staff members to acquire the skills to enable them to finish work within the normal working hours and use the remaining time to interact with people to enrich their outlook.

SATO Schemes that Exceed Japanese Legal Requirements
  1. Retirement age E65 years old
  2. Salary guarantees EOnce all holiday and sick leave entitlements are used up, a further 20 days of paid sick leave are guaranteed.
  3. Volunteer activity support EMaximum 2 years and 4 months of leave can be taken, but participation is limited to Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).