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Fostering Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Fundamental Concepts

Aware that the source of the value we add through our business operations is our people, we treat our staff as our greatest asset. Fundamental to this is showing respect for individuals and tolerance of diversity as we implement our personnel policies for employment, career development, training, assessment and remuneration.

Action Plan
  1. The basis of all human resource development is the understanding and thorough implementation of SATO's management policy.
  2. We trust our staff to be good and moral people.
  3. We motivate not by authority but by understanding and trust.
  4. We employ a diverse workforce, appointing each to appropriate position without discrimination on the basis of age, nationality, gender or academic record.
  5. We foster the development of human resources by setting appropriate objectives and assigning to staff the authority and responsibility needed to achieve them.
  6. We use impartial, non-subjective standards to assess performance and decide remuneration, based only on the abilities shown and successes achieved.


SATO sees diversity as an active source of strength, and adopts a potpourri approach to recruiting. We don't give written tests but focus on the character of each applicant as we recruit new staff. All staff members are treated as general staff when they join the company, and are assigned to positions regardless of gender or nationality and solely based on their strengths and suitability for the work.

SATO's unprejudiced acceptance extends to those who have left the company; they are always welcome to reapply.

SATO's Education System
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Training for Next Generation Managers
  • Selective education has been provided every year for the purposes of fostering the next generation of leaders for our business.
  • Enrollment in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) courses (overseas / Japan) or Masters of Technology (MOT) courses (Japan)
  • This is to provide staff members with knowledge and skills to propose and implement management strategy in an era of increasing globalization. As of March 31, 2012, there are six MBA and eight MOT holders under this program
  • Financial Training School
  • This was opened in the Tokyo area for members of staff who want to acquire accounting and financial expertise and aim to achieve high scores in the FASS (Financial and Accounting Skill Standards) examinations
  • Training courses for specially selected staff
  • These provide personal growth opportunitiesS to members of staff for outstanding work performance, and support them in the development of new capabilities, including: (1) Acquiring management expertise (2) Acquiring qualifications (3) Acquiring foreign language skills and (4) Performing market research in or outside of Japan

The SATO educational system "Manabu" was introduced

Global Career Challenge (GCC) Program

For SATO to grow the expansion of its overseas business is essential. GCC is a program in which staff members who have gained expertise in Japan and are dispatched to work at one of our overseas bases. The skills they obtain there can be put to use for the benefit of the entire SATO Group in the future.

Retirement age decided through consultations with the company

Reemployment system introduced for staff members who reached the mandatory retirement age of 65.

Support program for acquiring new qualifications
  • Supporting the Development of Potential.
  • Applicants are solicited within the company.
  • Subsidies for tuition and examination fees for the JAISA certification of engineers in automatic identification.