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Diversity in SATO Group

President and CEO´s Message

In October 2011, SATO Group established its Diversity Promotion Department, an office under direct control of the President, and in December made its declaration of diversity.

From hereon, SATO Group will take action to ensure a culture of diversity takes root in our organization. With all employees participating in these efforts, we will ensure the creation of new and innovative ideas that will enable SATO Group to better compete on the world stage.

Kazuo Matsuyama
President and CEO
SATO Holdings Corporation

Message from Executive Officer


Human resources are the key to sustainable growth. Instilling a corporate culture of mutual respect for each other and respect for diversity itself is crucial to realize our vision of being the world’s most trusted company. I will promote our unique diversity action plan to drive innovation and create value for all SATO Group customers.

Yoshinori Sasahara
Diversity Promotion Executive Officer
SATO Holdings Corporation