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Risk Management

Risk Management System 

To make social contributions on a continuous basis, we need to remain stable. To this end, representatives of all our global divisions attend the monthly meetings of the Risk Management Committee chaired by the Executive Vice President (COO). At the committee meetings, the attendees share information on the in-company risks and discuss preventive actions and countermeasures. The have also established emergency measures for formulating business continuity plans (BCPs) to ensure rapid recovery to minimize damage in the event of a disaster. In FY2011, we held four disaster drills for all the staff members in Japan using the safety confirmation system. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, we set up an emergency headquarters immediately after the disaster took place. We promptly assessed damage, delivered relief goods, and confirmed the safety of our staff members and their families.

Information Security 

As well as operating and handling security issues in line with company security policy, educational activities continue to be organized for the benefit of all members of staff accessed through our in-house online learning system, Manabu. Measures to prevent personal information leaks due to computer virus infections are also being strengthened.

Preventing Harassment 

A dedicated consultation service is provided to assist those who seek counseling and help in working with them in solving any problems so that they can enjoy peace of mind in the workplace.
Preventive measures are taught to all members of staff through "ManabuE and OIP Reports are also used as a way to bring cases to the attention of the management.

Product Liability 

The Product Liability Committee investigates the risks and policy involved in our responsibilities as a manufacturer. The product user information found in OIP Reports is also invaluable for the R&D Division and for Quality Assurance purposes, and contributes greatly to product liability policy.

Work Safety and Hygiene 

In 2008 we set up the in-house staff counseling center in for the benefit of our employees' physical and mental well-being. Also a seminar for senior management about mental health problems was held in an effort to support work-life balance for all staff.

Intellectual Property 

Our Information Security Committee implements measures to prevent the loss of confidence in SATO by society and claims for damages due to information leaks and other incidents. Staff members responsible for information security are appointed within the individual divisions. In addition, educational activities are organized for all members of staff through "ManabuE(our in house education system). Measures include those for preventing viral infections, such as by prohibiting the use of USB memory sticks. We also encourage the strengthening of other measures and systems for information security.