SATO's Management Philosophy

Contributing to Society through Our Main Business 

Based on our business concept of DCS & Labeling, SATO seeks to contribute to society through precision, labor saving and resource saving. 

"At SATO, we have no desire to be involved in business that does not contribute to society, even if it were profitable." (From our in-house educational handbook "The Spirit of Sato". )

Four-way Returns to Stakeholders 

SATO is committed to making a contribution to society and to the environment through its core business operations. It then further seeks to distribute the returns it receives to all of its stakeholders; namely, shareholders, employees, society and the company itself.

Management in Which All Members of Staff Participate 

On a daily basis, each member of staff at SATO submits to management a one-paragraph report to express feelings, opinions, proposals or other thoughts. 
While it enables senior management to view things from staff-level, it also provides an avenue for staff to express opinions from a management perspective, providing a mechanism for all staff to participate in the act of management.

Creative and Innovative Activities 

As a manufacturing company, creating products is central to what we do.
Our corporate motto, "Ceaseless Creativity," captures the spirit that we bring to our development of new business areas and to the challenge of new technologies through our commitment to making the best possible products. We will also continue to make changes and correct any mistakes that may occur, while continuing to take the right action, aiming to engage in ceaselessly creative activities.

Sharing Information and Working Together 

The details of statements made by the top management at management meetings are disclosed simultaneously to all staff worldwide via the intranet. This means that information is shared among the divisions and used by them to further mutual cooperation while producing synergy effects.

The Sprit of SATO 

The Spirit of SATO is a handbook for staff education and working procedures written by Director Tokuo Fujita (then President and CEO). In it, he describes the spirit we have inherited from our predecessors and combines this with his own management philosophy, proclaiming his intention "to make this a company that will always be youthful, enjoyable and exciting."

As well as providing an easy-to-understand explanation of what lies behind the spirit of SATO - its Management Principles and The Basic Principles of How to Work, interleaved with accounts of episodes that took place when they were being formed - it leads each individual member of staff to adopt the outlook of a manager in sections entitled SATO's Rules for Management, Management Precepts, and the SATO Esprit.

As the distilled essence of the SATO spirit, it is distributed to all SATO staff, and is used in on-the-job and other training to ensure that the spirit is passed on to everyone.The book is published in eight languages: Japanese, English, French, Malay, Vietnamese, German, Spanish and Chinese.

The Spirit of SATO is published in eight languages