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SATO Corporate Principles (7 Beliefs) 
  1. We will contribute to society through precision, labor savings and resource savings.
  2. We will concentrate on our core business of manufacturing and sales.
  3. We will continuously improve via implementing a series of small changes in the spirit of ceaseless creativity.
  4. We will dedicate ourselves to our company's business with commitment and uncompromising integrity.
  5. We will perform our jobs with professionalism while ensuring that the work is complete.
  6. We will remain committed to customer satisfaction and strive to ensure that our employees excel personally and professionally.
  7. We will share the returns from our business with our four stakeholders: shareholders, employees, society and the company.
SATO's Management Principles were established by Yo Sato in 1978. With these principles, SATO has been able set out and pass on a management philosophy that describes the actions and attitudes we believe are necessary to achieve our social mission and contribute to the advancement of society. In 2010 our Management Principles were revised to be clearer and more succinct. They were summarized into seven items and were renamed as SATO's Corporate Principles.

The Basic Principles of How to Work 

The Basic Principles of How to Work are SATO's action policies and ethical requirements, written originally by our founder Yo Sato, comprising of: "Things to bear in mind in daily work, based on personal experiences dating back to my youth." They have been in use since 1978, having undergone successive revisions. SATO members remain conscious of these concepts by reciting the principles daily at the morning meeting. At present there are 33 articles.

Internal Control 

Already aware of the need to contribute to society through our main business, SATO has sought to maintain corporate discipline and to stay firmly on the right track. 

As part of our efforts to pass on the SATO basic corporate principles during the rapid expansion and globalization of our business in recent years, and with the aim of further steady progress, in 2007 we established a committee chaired by the President (CEO) to promote a company-wide increase in the transparency and quality of our business activities. This embraces the concept of internal control.

The whole company is united in working to extend these activities to provide better services, to ensure smoother working processes and more accurate, transparent financial disclosure, so as to further contribute to the progress of society.

Contact Point for Reports 

We have set up a contact point for reports as a matter of public interest (whistle blowers) to assist in supervising compliance. This, together with information gathered from OIP Reports, is intended to prevent any incidents arising from confusion. We have these contact points not only in Japan, but in all our overseas subsidiaries.