SATO New Zealand achieves carboNZeroTM Certification


Auckland, February 16, 2009 – SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing labelling, and RFID solutions announced that it has successfully achieved carboNZero certification for its New Zealand operations. SATO New Zealand is the first label manufacturing company in New Zealand to achieve the highly credible greenhouse gas (GHG) certification.

As a global organisation SATO has a firm commitment to sustainability.  Initiatives include distributing “ecobags” to all business locations to reduce the number of plastic bags used for lunchtime shopping; energy saving campaigns in all offices; the re-use of stationery and the adoption of casual wear where appropriate in order to reduce the use of air conditioning.  

Currently, virtually all of the waste plastic generated by the SATO Factory in Kitakami, Japan is recycled as solid fuel (RPF) (termed “thermal recycling”). The RPF is sold to paper makers who use it as fuel to increase the efficiency of their furnaces.  SATO has also become a corporate partner in Oji Paper's afforestation business in Laos from January 2006. By March, 2008, it completed the planting of 11,888 hectares with about 14.86 million eucalyptus and acacia trees.

Managing Director of SATO New Zealand, Paul Ryan, says “While SATO has proved its commitment to the environment globally, it was also important for SATO New Zealand to deliver its corporate social responsibility at a local level”.

“We chose to embark on Landcare Research’s carboNZero programme as it was internationally recognised and respected and it enabled us to offset our GHG emissions in a manner that will benefit New Zealand directly. This is an excellent outcome for us, our customers and our country”.

“Our carboNZero certification is an important step in our sustainability journey.  We are committed to measuring our GHG emissions and reducing our own waste as well as working with customers to reduce, reuse and recycle our products and by-products. SATO New Zealand is constantly innovating and developing new products and programmes to achieve that end and we believe it’s very important that we pay more than lip service to sustainability programmes and our corporate social responsibility”

SATO has developed recyclable and pulpable labels to meet specific customer needs for many years. carboNZero certification is recognition of the initiatives to reduce emissions through waste reduction, improved energy efficiency and a reflection of a  decision to act both locally and globally. Given SATO’s strength in retail, transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, beverages and many more industries, their customers will directly benefit from this carboNZero certification and they can be secure in the knowledge that SATO New Zealand is an organisation that is truly carbon neutral.

About SATO
SATO is a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and the inventor of the world’s first electronic thermal transfer barcode printer. It revolutionised the barcoding industry by introducing the Data Collection System (DCS) & Labelling concept – a total barcode and labelling solution providing high quality barcode printers, scanners/hand-held terminals, label design software and consumables. SATO is one of the first in the industry to introduce a complete, multi-protocol EPC-compliant, UHF RFID solution.

SATO is publicly listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan. It has worldwide offices in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and China. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008, it reported revenues of US$767 million.

About SATO International
SATO’s international global headquarters, SATO International Pte. Ltd is located in Singapore. Previously an international division, it was incorporated as a holding company in Singapore in 2001 to oversee the sales, marketing and customer services activities of all its Group Member Companies. More information about SATO International can be found at

*Conversion is based on an average exchange rate of 1US Dollar = 114.43 Japanese Yen.

About the carboNZero programme
The carboNZero programme is based on over ten years of research on climate change, greenhouse gas measurement and carbon monitoring at Landcare Research NZ Ltd. It applies international best practice to help organisations, products, services and events measure, manage and reduce their GHG emissions. For those wishing to offset their remaining unavoidable emissions, the programme also offers credible and verified carbon credits.

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