[Release] Announcement regarding the new executive management team


SATO Holdings Corporation, following a resolution at its Board of Directors meeting held today, announced changes to the executive team to take effect on April 1, 2020, and candidates for Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board to be nominated for resolution at the General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 19, 2020.

1. Candidates for Director

Name Current position
Ryutaro Kotaki President and CEO
Yoichi Abe Director, Vice President and CFO
Tatsuo Narumi Director, Chair of the Board
Yuko Tanaka External Director
Ryoji Itoh External Director
Hideo Yamada External Director

Name Current position
Hiroyuki Konuma Director and Vice President; President of SATO Corporation, overseeing global business
Jul. 2000: Joined SATO Corporation
Apr. 2010: General Manager, Medical Department, Tokyo Sales Headquarters
Apr. 2013: President, Healthcare Company, SATO Corporation
Apr. 2014: President, SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2015: Executive Officer, Chief Wellness Officer
Apr. 2019: Vice President; President of SATO Corporation, overseeing RFID business
Sadayoshi Fujishige External Director
Mar. 2004: Representative Director, President and CEO, Lion Corporation
Jan. 2012: Representative Director, Chairman and CEO, Lion Corporation
Apr. 2012–current: External Director, Showa Nishikawa Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2014–current: Chairman, Japan Table Tennis Association
Mar. 2016–current: Advisor, Lion Corporation
Jun. 2016–current: Chairman, Advertising Council Japan
May 2019–current: Chairman, Japan Marketing Association

Name Current position
Mitsuaki Shimaguchi External Director
Chieko Matsuda External Director

2. Candidates for Audit & Supervisory Board

Name Current position
Nobuhiro Yokoi
Junichi Nagakura
Takao Yamaguchi
Noriko Yao* External Audit & Supervisory Board member
Yokoi, Nagakura and Yamaguchi are not subject to re-election in fiscal 2020.

Reference: Responsibilities of Executive Officers (effective April 1, 2020)
Name Executive title Responsibilities
Ryutaro Kotaki President CEO
Yoichi Abe Director
Vice President
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Hiroyuki Konuma* Vice President President, SATO Corporation
Oversees global business
Yoshinori Sasahara Vice President Chief Wellness Officer (CWO)
Director and Vice President, SATO Corporation
General Manager of Production (Product Creation)**
Oversees Japan business
Kenji Ushiki Executive Officer Director, SATO Corporation
General Manager of R&D (Value Creation)**
Maria Olcese Executive Officer Head of South America
General Manager, Achernar S.A.
Hironori Onishi Executive Officer Director, SATO Corporation
Head of Japan sales
Noriyasu Yamada Executive Officer Chief Alliance Officer (CAO)
Oversees Product Planning, R&D and RFID business in SATO Corporation
Goro Yumiba Executive Officer Head of North & Central Americas
Chairperson and CEO, SATO America, LLC
Hayato Shindo Executive Officer Head of global sales, SATO Corporation
*Hiroyuki Konuma is a candidate for Director to be nominated for resolution at the General Meeting of
Shareholders scheduled for June 19, 2020.
**New department names are tentative as at this announcement.

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